Below is our music list for 2021. We play a broad range of music so that there is something for everyone at our concerts.  




Barnard Castle

Beach Boys Greatest Hits

An Irish Ayre for Winds


Beauty and the Beast

Amadeus Favorites

British Legion

Best of the West

 Amparito Roca

Colours Flying

 Gilbert and Sullivan

Born Free

Great Little Army

Greatest Showman

Can't Help Falling in Love

Liberty Bell

How to Train Your Dragon

Don't Stop Me Now

March of the Cobblers

Irving Berlin's Famous Songs


National Emblem

 Lord of the Dance

French Horn Galop

Officer of the Day

Magic of Strauss


Old Panama

On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Our Director

Pirates of the Caribbean

In a Persian Market

San Lorenzo

Pop and Rock Legends: Elton John

It Had Better Be Tonight


Soaring with John Williams

Love Story

Sons of the Brave

Moon River

Staffordshire Knot


 Tara's Theme

Steadfast and True

Carmen Suite - Les Toreadors

 Tarantella Trapanese

Thin Red Line


The Sleeping Beauty Waltz

True and Trusty


The Final Countdown

Royal Anglian


You'll Never Walk Alone

Wein Bleibt Wein


 Our large selection of music caters for all the engagements we undertake each year. Many tend towards the easy listening afternoon concert, however each engagement is different and the Musical Director adjusts the programme accordingly.

 The wide range of music also provides new challenges and allows us to keep our programmes interesting and enjoyable for our players and audiences.


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